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Posted on Wed Oct 21 18:42:53 1998
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Subject: Literature
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Name: Elena Lin

The Yellow Wallpaper

The leading role of the story is a woman who is suffering from postpartum depression. In according to cure his wife, John sets her in a new house. They take the nursery at the top of the house. John considers they came there solely on his wife・s account, that she is to have perfect rest and all the air she can get. It・s a big, airy room, and from the window she can see the beautiful view clearly. Everything seems to be lovely except the yellow wallpaper. The color is repellent, almost revolting; a smouldering unclean yellow. It is stripped off---in great patches all around. She thinks she never saw a worse paper in her life.
There are two main ideas which I・d like to discuss. One is : her husband always says that what he does are all for his wife. He asked her to stay in the room---a quiet place. He doesn・t let her to go outside. And he says when she gets really well, he・ll invite Cousin Henry and Julia for a long visit. I doubt, that is good curing way to a patient. I think that no one can live isolated, he must be crazy. And her disease is not physical disease, she should go outside to breathe fresh air, to get company with people, to talk to with them, not just stay at home. But her husband doesn・t let her do that. (she has asked her husband, but he doesn・t agree with her.) At the beginning it mentioned that John is a physician. He is very practical in the extreme. He scoffs openly at any talk of things not to be felt and seen and put down in figures. That is a terrible tendency. Physical things are important, but there are some mental feelings which are also important, like human・s feelings. John seemed to neglect her wife・s true feelings. He didn・t listen her inner voice, so he didn・t know what she really need. For example: once she told her she doesn・t like the yellow wallpaper, she・d like to change it. But John doesn・t care. He thought that wallpaper won・t hurt her body, but he didn・t think that it may hurt her soulK..
She imagined that there is a woman creeping between the wallpaper and the wall. That・s a weird imagination. Why she imagined that? I think that she feels her situation is like the creeping woman. The activity space of the woman is so narrow---between the wallpaper and the wall. And her activity space is not big, either---the room. It・s painful to be limited in such a small space. So, the woman tried hard to go out of the wallpaper. At the end of the story, the leading role decided to save the woman out of sufferings. She peeled off all the paper. At that way, she thinks she escapes from her husband・s control and feel free!
The author uses the first point of view to describe the story, I guess that the author wants to tell us women・s status in the society. :Creeping; means women have lower status. These are my own opinions, if there are some of my opinions which you don・t agree, welcome to tell me, thank you!

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