Subject The Yellow Wallpaper
Posted by Mavis
Posted on Wed Oct 21 21:50:33 1998
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This is a story about a woman who was suffering from mental illness. She is the central character and also the narrator. I think the story is a bit terrible. It made me thought that there was something on the wall when I was lying on bed at night!
Actually the woman is just the same as ordinary people. She becomes nervous when she saw the yellow wallpaper in her room. At the beginning, she is really hates the colour and the pattern of the wallpaper. She wants John, her husband to repaper the room. John really doesn't understand and believe his wife. When she told him about her strange feeling to the room, he just laughed at her. It makes her dare not tells him about the wallpaper anymore. It is a kind of pressure that makes her so tired and nervous. The only way she could relieve the press is writing. However, John and his sister, Jennie think it is writing made her sick. They don't allow her to write anything. John always asks her to take rest. I think he is responsible to her sickness.
Later, she becomes interested at watching the wallpaper. Besides the colour, she also noticed the smell of it. She thinks there is a woman always creeping behind the pattern of the wallpaper. She even thinks the woman gets out during daytime! It means that her illness become serious than before. I think that the woman in the paper is the image of herself. She thinks she is the one who trapped by the pattern. Maybe it is because she doesn't have any freedom. She has to obey his husband and can not do what she wants to do. At the end of the story, she said to her husband "I've got out at last, and I've pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back." It shows that she was really mixed up. She thinks she is one of the women behind the pattern. At last, she pulled off paper with the 'others' and got out. It means she is free already after trapped for such a long time.
Another point I want to talk about is why did she think that the women are creeping instead of walking? I guess the author wants to tell us about the low status of women at that time. I think it's a kind of insult for an adult to creep like that.

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