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Posted on Thu Oct 22 00:03:06 1998
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The Yellow Wallpaper By Peggy 487200142
What a strange story it is!
The female narrator and her husband, John, live in their ancestral hall for the summer. She cannot be with her baby because it makes her feel so nervous. Maybe she gets sick after childbirth. And she thinks that it is a haunted house and something queer. Especially the yellow wallpaper in the nursery at the top of the house.
At first, she is very afraid. She doesn't like their room because of the color of the wallpaper is repellent, revolting, unclean yellow. In addition, she thinks that the patterns on the yellow wallpaper move and change. So she wants her husband to take her away, but he doesn't what she talks to him. And then she observes the patterns trying to find something. She fancies that there are many eyes with different breadths on the wallpaper. At last, she is sure it is a woman. And she thinks the woman gets out in the daytime because she has seen her from one of her windows. She doesn't fear any more and she tries to help the woman crawl out of the wallpaper by peeling off all the paper. And then there is a very strange ending---she is the woman.
From this story, we can see that the female narrator is sick and often images strange things. Her husband, who is a physician, loves her very dearly and thinks that her strange thoughts just because she has temporary nervous depression---a slight hysterical tendency and weak body. And what she needs are enough rest, tonics, journeys, fresh air, and proper exercise. But she disagrees with John. Otherwise, she believes that congenial work, proper society, and stimulus are good for her. Because of having different thoughts between she and John, sometimes she hides her feeling and thoughts without telling him and cries alone.
The story uses the first person point of view. Just like the female narrator tells us what happened and describes what she sees and how she feels by herself.

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