Subject The yellow wallpaper
Posted by Johanna
Posted on Thu Oct 22 03:16:26 1998
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The first thought that came to my mind when I finished reading this story is that I think this woman is kind of psychological ill really bad. Because what she do maybe is not a normal people will do. But as I said, this is just my first thought. After I read it again, I gradually get more idea about why she will have this kind of strange action¡Xstrange for other people.
I think the lead in the story, the woman, is a person who has a copious imagination. At first maybe we may say that all of her strange fancy thoughts about the wall are all because her illness. But I think the really causes is her too marvellous imagination. I also think that maybe she actually doesn¡¦t have any psychology sick, even have it is only slight, not very serious. At first she thought this wallpaper in the room is very scary and she feels that the pattern of the wallpaper seems to have some kind of magic and it is bad magic. She always feel that it seems has a man in the wallpaper and looks at her. So that¡¦s why she so want to change the room. But I think just like other people, she has curiosity. Even she thinks that wallpaper is very dirty, stinky, strange and scary, she still likes to watch it. This is just like that wallpaper really has some kind of magic that makes her even don¡¦t like the wallpaper but still been attracted. She thinks there are some vicious power in that wallpaper, and even thinks there is something in the wallpaper who is really want to escape for some purpose. The relationship between the lead and the wallpaper I think it is just like the relationship of the lead and her husband. Because as we read from the story, we can found that her husband is kind of the lead of their marriage. And her husband¡X John, always control everything. Especially when she is sick, John even design what she should do and what she shouldn¡¦t do. We know that actually she really don¡¦t like what her husband¡¦s arrangement. She hasher own thought but she just do what her husband¡¦s order. She is kind of powerless to control herself. She really wants to escape this room this place and this situation but she just can¡¦t. I feel that she is like a prisoner and is looking for a way out.
At the end she finally recognize the image behind the wallpaper is a woman. I think this woman is just like a reflection of her. Because this woman finally escape from the wallpaper, and not only just escape, but also do a lot of thing which is she really want. So at the end, she is just like being inspired she did a thing which is she afraid to do before¡Xto peel off the wallpaper. She just like a prisoner finally finds her way. That why she become happier.
Now I¡¦ll talk about the point of view. Teachers has told us that all elements should fit together and I think this story¡¦s point of is much more fitted than the other story that we have read. Because this story use the first point of view and I think this story is just like the narrator is diary, or maybe his journal about the life and thoughts during her nursery. So we can see many dialogue is just like the narrator talking to herself.

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