Subject Frightening Yellow Wallpaper!
Posted by watson
Posted on Thu Oct 22 08:58:38 1998
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Frightening---:The Yellow Wallpaper;

  There was again the same condition as :Araby : I read :The Yellow Wallpaper; . All in silence and all in dark except for the brightness of the light of my desk in my room. The others, my dormitory-roommates, had all already fallen asleep deeply. Then this time I said to myself that I won・t be frightened by story again for that the writers of the stories always liked to create a horrible atmosphere to attract you to follow the stories. However, I seemed that it was really a terrible story just by looking the beginning of the storyKThe phrase :haunted house; gave me the signal what stated of mind I should have for reading this story. At first, it just talked about a woman with the slight hysterical tendency. In fact, there should be nothing for a student in the major of the Applied Psychology. I should be well prepared for knowing the many extraordinary thinking and behaviors of them. And the condition seemed to tell me she would get well later. But I then wondering whether she would recover that there were many strange descriptions about the wall of the woman. I was so touched and had the confidence to see that she would finally recover under the tender cares of his husband with love. And I found I was hoping to see her well as if I were a Psychologist and now she was my client of the mental disorder treated by the psychotherapy. I said!; when I had found there were more and more descriptions about the yellow wallpaper written by her. Then it was very terrible. I at first was very tired and sleepy. But I was actually awaken by following the story for I seemed to see and hear what the writer felt. Then I always seemed to find there was some strange noises outside. Just one of the single turn over of my roommates would surely made me had a violent heartbeat. It could really frightened you if you thought of :those strangled heads and bulbous eyesK; Then I found myself read that more and more quickly for hoping to know what was the ending though it was more and more terrible. And the words of the woman in the end of the story really frightened me and gave me a shock. And I also felt a sudden cold though I was writing it.
  The story was also in the first person narrating just like the :Araby; or :A&P; and it in fact attracted me to follow the story al the time. Actually it was a horrible story that I even was afraid to look the sides of the corridor, and surely not backwards when I was walking to the wash room after reading :The Yellow Wallpaper;. But it was also a sad story for me to look a person like that just as :Paul;. I wondered they would become well if Paul was well-counseled and the woman was well treated by psychotherapy. Then there would be lesser tragedies happened in the world.

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