Subject The Yellow Wallpaper
Posted by Dominic
Posted on Thu Oct 22 09:52:53 1998
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I have ever read the novels about mental problems before. I feel this kind of stories is very touching for the subject is always so hidden and private that we "normal people" don't understand. The author had this experience, too. In this story, the woman has madness and she is taken care very well, while her husband doesn't really understand her and doesn't know what she exactly need. In this case, we can see that it is hard to discover what they really think , even for their intimate spouses. It seems that authors who write this kind of stories might suffer for mental breakdown, which I think they are brave and persevering.
In the story, it doesn't tell when and where it happens. Though the time is set in the 19th century in the videotape, I think it may happen in the modern time and there are also cases like this now. John seems to be a nice, loving and patient husband and Jane does her duty well, but I feel that they think the woman in a normal person's way. They know what make sense or not for normal people, but actually for the woman, their "sense" doesn't mean anything. What I am trying to say is that sometimes we are just like John and Jane. We think we understand, but in fact we don't. Besides, the names John and Jennie sound conservative in the story. This is purely personal feeling. I feel the "2 Js" are on the same side to do harm to the woman. Although she may notice that ambiguously, she has no power or she doesn't think about using her own ability. She is humble and petty. She only knows that she can rely on her husband. At first, she doesn't like the yellow wallpaper but gradually she can't separate herself from it. I think the yellow wallpaper is a symbol of prison. At first she does want to escape from it, but with her fancies getting more and more serious, she is sank into it so deeply that she can't get away from it anymore. She is a woman who is controlled and depressed. She may have desires and wish, but she is tied up even unconscious of it. She is the creeping woman. She need to bend , creep on the ground so that her husband won't blame her again. John is a physician, who cures people, but he neglects her mental cure. He just want his wife to "look like " normal while he made her more serious. Compared to men's power, I think her madness presents women's weakness. Wife is weak, and husband can control her. John treats her very good seemingly, but I feel that his coolness leads to the miserable result. That is why I think this story may happen nowadays.
What does the author want to say? The author herself suffered from nervous breakdown. I think the story described not only the hardship of the patients but their state of mind. Physical pain is easily comprehended, while mental suffering isn't. We normal people can pity them easily, but not really care for them. I think the author tried to warn us not to do things that we think is right like John and Jennie. The woman doesn't hate the yellow wallpaper, but she hates the depressed surroundings. She has no way out but hide into the wall. We think highly of manner and regularity, while it never occurs to us that mental disorder is humanity, too. I remember that someone said that the more civilized the society is , the more mad people exist. John wants his wife become normal, but he doesn't notice that he put high pressure on her. I think that it is the reason people get mad. What is the more important is that poor women should be strong to fight for their own rights.

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