Subject The Yellow Wallpaper
Posted by Kim
Posted on Thu Oct 22 12:51:44 1998
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Name: Kim
Journal --- The Yellow Wallpaper
This article is a womanˇ¦s writing, sort of diary, telling how she feels in a room of yellow wallpaper. I think she is not so ill as her husband thinks. I think she is just only a woman being trapped in a room too long and not being about to got outside and meet people. So she has vivid imagination about the pattern on the wall and this scares her.
At first, she is quite normal but she does not like her room so much that she asks her husband to move downstairs to a more beautiful room where she feel much more comfortable. However, her husband insists that this is the best room for her to get well better and that itˇ¦s only her imagination that she feels uncomfortable about the wallpaper. This woman respects her husband very much in this period of time so she thinks what he says is quite reasonable and she obeys him and stays in the room all day long. Meanwhile, she is a mother of her newborn baby, and she is not allowed to be with her baby because of her illness and this makes her nervous and depressed.
I think that this woman is not so ill and what she needs is to go outside and be with people or talk to people. A little walk can make her more relaxed and can release her tension. However, she can only stay in her room. I bet anyone under this situation, being kept in a small room, will go crazy and will start to put his attention on the things in this room to entertain himself and will imagine all kind of things. This is what the woman responds. Not talking to people or being listened also make her more depressed. If she could talk to people or someone would listen to her, her attention wonˇ¦t be drawn on the wallpaper but daily affairs. I think that she turn to fancy all the time should be her husbandˇ¦s responsibility. Because of his ignorance, she feels no safety and this drives her more crazy.
In addition, I believe that the woman behind the pattern is the narrator herself. The woman is behind the bars and always tries to shake them down to get out is just like the narrator kept in the room and all the time tries to get out. Also, she often sees the woman is outside in the garden shows more clearly how she wants to go outside and to have freedom. The narrator tires very hard to rescue the woman behind the bars also means she wants to get herself out of the room.
But as days go by, she turns to like the room much more. I think she feel so is because she has something to do and think about and that is her mission before she leaves the house. Meanwhile, she does not respect her husband that much as she did before. She now is completely attached to the wallpaper. At last, she does become the woman whom she saw behind the wallpaper. She begins to creep all around. When she locks herself in the room, she supposes she has to get back behind the pattern when it comes night, and that is hard. She thinks that it is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as she pleases. She is totally out of her mind at that time and I do not think she knows what she is doing. She has become the woman she imagined. Her husband was so shocked at her behavior that he fainted. I believe that if her husband would have known what she would become today, he would pay more attention to her and would not have treated like she has no feelings!

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