Subject The Yellow Wallpaper
Posted by Angela
Posted on Thu Oct 22 13:11:15 1998
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The main character, John's wife, seemed a little bit crazy
and lunatic in the end. I feel sympathetic to her circumstances.
Her husband protected her too much. And it has become a kind
of pressure and confinement. He loves his wife so much that he
tried to use his way to help her cure the postpartum depression.
But he is too subjective, and didn't know if the way he used is
really good and helpful to his wife. So this kind of love shouldn't
be called true love but terrible and excessive love. I think no
one can stand it. John is a husband who has most power between
this pair. He controlled and handled everything at home. He did
not listen for his wife, and always ask her to do what he wanted.
The only thing that she can do is to follow John's opinions and
directions. She has no freedom to go outside. Even when she
wrote something, she had to do it secretly in order not to be
found by John or Jennie. I think most people would get crazy
and have strange illusion in this situation. The life without free-
dom is horrible. John's wife stayed at home all day long. Of course, She felt bored and sad, and began to think a lot of strange things in her mind. She fancied there are something
in the yellow wallpaper, and felt afraid of it. In my opinion, her
terrible illusion were caused by her husband, John. He should
be responsible for this. Their house is just like a prison to John'
wife. I can't believe that John really thought it's the best way
for her to cure the postpartum depression. Perhaps because he
is a physician, not a psychologist. So he had a wrong way to cure
her. I think Paul of Paul's Case had something in common with
her. Both of them didn't have freedom to do what they want.
But the way they solved the problems are different. Paul dared
to object it, and John's wife submit to his husband. However,
the end of them are both a tragedy. Paul chose to commit
suicide, and John's wife became crazy. What a pity they are!
So don't always ask everyone to do what you want. And good
communicating is also very important between people, especially
parents and children, husbands and wives, or friends.

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