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Posted on Sun Oct 25 22:10:22 1998
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This story, A&P, was written in the point of view of a nineteen years old boy, Sammy, who was one of the cash-register-watchers. By using this way of narration, I can know what was going on with the mind of that guy (Sammy). There are many sentences describe what he thought and what were the feelings of him. This story happened at a certain day in a store (or supermarket). A sexy girl with only bathing suits walked in the store and wanted to buy something. But the store was very far from the beach. The girl・s extraordinary behavior was noticed by the manager of the store and then something happened.

Talking about Sammy, I think Sammy was very good at observing that you can find there are a lot of minute descriptions in the story about the girls・ bodies and their actions. I think he might be a student who just failed in the examination and could not graduate from the school. All the words he used were very popular. Working in A&P might be his first job. And he was not so mature I think as he had left the door of A&P, he worried about his future. He left just for his anger but not for the principle. I love at watching a story that written in the way of first person because this can not only let me seem to see and hear what the character had experienced, but also can feel what the character felt.

It is especially useful for me, a student of the department of Applied Psychology,. It helps me to know about what a person would think in a certain situation. It・s a very good chance for me to try to think in the other・s position. There is a special term in Psychology--- : Empathy :. It means to think and feel in the client・s position and then can let oneself know what the client needs.

I think the manager of the store was right because he was the manager of the store and he had the responsibility to keep the store run smooth. And the girl・s behavior might affect the majority of the customers and the staffs of the store. So it was necessary to do so.

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