Subject Sad Paul's Case
Posted by watson
Posted on Sun Oct 25 22:20:50 1998
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Paul first gave me an image of problem child. He did something .special・ in the class, not for the showing off in the class, but for showing his own unique thought of the world he lived in, ie. he had his own explanation to the world and the people. The leading character, Paul, attracted me to read this story because Paul, in fact, could be classified as a case in counseling. It seemed to be related with my another major, psychology,. He made all the teachers angry and hate him. But they changed this after the drawing teacher said something. At the beginning I thought that he might want to show that he was an adult and don・t want to do the same things with the other children. Then I found Paul loved and crazy at Art. By reading the part of that he was in the gallery, I could know he had totally not the same behavior as usual. He glanced at the Art pieces and seemed to face them as his own friends. It seemed that he had been completely set free for just surrounded by Arts. He could have the real relax and pleasure in his art world.

  It was so strange that he was a nice boy when he was a usher. He was then attracted by the performance of the soprano. He followed her and wanted to see her. And then this let him late for home. Actually, I thought it was not a very serious thing for a common child, but was so serious for Paul with a father liked that. From that we could know that Paul・s father was very strict to him and made Paul so afraid of him. Actually, Paul・s father really wanted Paul to be succeed just like him. But the .special・ didn・t care about such that things at all in his mind.
  Once he had the chance to hold a great deal of money and then he decided to go to New York to enjoy his real life of Art. He enjoyed in watching the performance. He never had thought of playing in the stage, but acting in his realistic life. I felt it was so touched that his father would forgive him and went to found him. But I might had some angry that Paul, himself, did not want to admit the fault of stealing money. Though he might think that he just was doing the things he wanted to do for showing that he was not the same with common, I was not so agree with this behavior. At last he buried the flower. It might mean for him that the mind (of Art) could no longer stayed in the world. It had died out. At last, he committee suicide by stayed on the track.
  Reading that, I suddenly felt a sad in my mind. I thought if Paul, a child lack of mother・s love, could have been well guided or counseled. Would he be like that?

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