Subject Did he really love her?!
Posted by watson
Posted on Tue Oct 27 00:52:00 1998
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Feeling after the discussion in the class about ¡¥The Yellow Wallpaper¡¦

  I think it is worth to discuss whether the husband loved his wife. And was it right to have his own treatment to his wife as he was a Physician? I had a great change in thinking while the discussion in the class was proceeding and everyone expressed their own feeling about this point. And this made me think of one of the theories of Psychology of Sigmund Freud¡K

  Freud thought that there are three components of the structure of one¡¦s personality. ¡¥Id¡¦, ¡¥Ego¡¦ and ¡¥Superego¡¦ which represents the three forces of our mind. Id is the inborn instinctual urges that a person seeks to satisfy. Ego is the rational part of the mind, which uses the reality principle to satisfy the Id and Superego is the socially induced moral restrictions that strive to keep the Id in check and help the individual attain perfection. But there is always some conflicts between the Id and Superego and this will cause the anxiety, guilty and disturbances. And then one may use the ¡¥defense mechanisms¡¦ to relieve the anxiety and conflict. And one of the defense mechanisms is ¡¥Reaction formation¡¦. Then one will act completely opposite to the way that one feels to hide unacceptable feelings or tendencies into the unconscious. A case for instance, a woman gave too much concern to her child that made them gasp with it to disguise her hatred to the child who might be said an unlucky baby born at the day of his grandmother¡¦s death.

  Coming back to ¡§The yellow Wallpaper¡¨, I thought the husband in the story might be such a person like the woman. As he was a Physician, he surely was regarded as a high-class and well-knowledged person. So he might feel that it was disgrace to have such a wife. And he then always said he loved his wife but what he had done was pushing her to helpless and death. I am not saying that it is the only reason for the explanation to the husband¡¦s behavior and neglecting the reason that there was a wrong thought about the Postpartum Repression of the people living in their era.

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