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Assignment - A&P p.79~83 (1998.10.1.)
Student : Joyce Chen hY 485220526

One day, there were three girls walking into A&P. Though one man, who is called Sammy, he described them about their dressing, appearance and aptitude, etc. He also talked about the place where he worked. -- He was in the third checkout slot, with his back to the door.
Those three girls, they were in nothing but bathing suits. One of them was quite special in her outlook and spirit so it seemed that she was the queen. Of course, she also was in a bathing suit, but what's unusual was that its straps were down. In the other ward, her shoulders were naked.
That day, those three girls came into A&P and wanted to buy a jar of herring snacks. When they went to the checkout, where Sammy worked, Lengel saw them. Then, he said "Girls, this isn't the beach." The girl blushed. Then, she explained that they weren't doing any shopping and they just came in for the one thing, but Lengel didn't accept her explanation. He thought that they should be more decent. At least, her shoulder should be covered. After this argument, the girls were hurried to get out A&P and in this moment Sammy said, " I quit." He hoped that girls could turn back and find him, their unsuspected hero. Unfortunately, he failed. At the same time, he also lost his job.

The most important character in the story is Sammy. Originally, he was just a common worker in A&P and he maybe not be educated well because he didn't use his language very well. His daily work in checkout was nothing special so he liked to observe others. In the story, he found these three special girls on that day and they brought many different things in his life. Finally, he tried to impress them, but he didn't make it. Even he lost his job, he still didn't feel regretful.
Another one important character is Lengel. He played a role like a lifeguard so he asked the girls to be more decent. Besides, he also advises Sammy not to quite his job for his parents. Obviously, his point of view is quite conservative and different from Sammy's.

This story happened in a town that is five miles away from a beach, with a big summer colony out on the POINT. In addition, it's north of Boston. A&P is located right in the middle of town. If we stand at their front doors, we can see 2 banks, the Congregational church, the newspaper store, 3 real estate offices and about 27 old freeloaders tearing up Central Street.
About the people there, the women generally put on a shirt or something before they get out of the car into the street. Besides, there are people in the town who haven't seen the ocean for 20 years. Obviously, the custom there must be very conservative. That's why Lengel can't accept the girls' dressing. Actually, the writer didn't tell us what is A&P, but from some clues we can guess that it might be a store. In this store, Sammy, Stokesie and Lengel worked together and Lengel's position is higher than his.

From the beginning, we can find that this story is according to Sammy's personal point of view. He thought that we never know for sure how girls' mind work and he also told us what he thought about this matter.

This story talks about one situation. If someday there is something unusual appearing in your life, what is your aptitude? To keep it? To ignore it? Or to refuse it, just like others?

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