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The narrator poor wife of john who suffered from postpartum depression. Although her husband was take care of her,even he was a physician,he didn¡¦t know what his wife really want and just gave her the things he thought which was better for her. He neglected of his wife¡¦s feeling. Of course,his wife was not happy at all.she said wanted one downstairs that opened on the pizza and had roses all over the window,and such pretty old-fashioned chintz hangiiings!but john would not hear of it.¡¨Oh!I think she liked somewhere more hustle and bustle,there many people could be her company,in this way, she wouldn¡¦t feel alone. However,John didn¡¦t understood her.
When she saw the yellow wallpaper at the first sight,she hated it very much and described its color was repellent,almost  revolting and so on. Because she felt lonely,she let off her tempter in the way.
What a depressing sentence cry at nothing and cry most of the time.¡¨We can see how poor the woman was.Besides,the yellow wallpaper made she gloomy.She wanted to go out but she couldn¡¦t.Unfortunately,John didn¡¦t think that would do good for her.Even John¡¦s sister Jennie have the same idea but I think Jennie gave her more freedom than her husband.So what she could do was stayed at home with the yellow wallpaper and wrote something secretly.Finally,she couldn¡¦t endured it and began to pay attention to the wall paper,using her imagination to make herself feel better.Day by day,she found another world,she found it was interesting.Moreover,she liked the yellow wallpaper  think this was the last way she could go.But I feel pity for her,I guess she was a little crazy!An normal person wouldn¡¦t have such a weird imagination.At last, she even said¡¨I don¡¦t want go outside.I won¡¦t even if Jennie(She didn¡¦t want to write John instead.) asks me to.¡¨ ¡§For outside you have to creep on the ground,and everything is green instead of yellow.¡¨She persuaded herself to love the yellow wallpaper room and thought staying in the room was better than go out.Actually,she didn¡¦t think so in her deep mind right?It was a way letting off her temper and protesting.
In my openion,the narrator in the story was also the author Charlotte Perkin Gilamn .Between husband and wife , they need more communications to understand each other.Otherwise,a happy marriage may become a tragedy.Just like the wife in the story,at first she loved her husband and then she found¡¨The fact is I am getting a little afraid of John.¡¨Finally,¡¨I had to creep over him every time.¡¨ We can see she was changed from the beginning to the end.I supposed that all men are created equal,not only a men but also a women!

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