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Posted on Wed Oct 21 10:05:23 1998
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The yellow wallpaper
The narrator had some kind of mental illness and her husband brought her to a house and wanted her to rest in one of the rooms there. She is not allowed to have ant contact with the world outside, and has to stay only in that room by herself for three months. Because she doesn・t have anything to occupy her daily life, all she could do was to observe her room. She found it so ugly and irritating at first, especially the yellow wallpaper. She thinks it is the most hideous thing in the world and could not stand it. But gradually, she finds something funny in the pattern in the wallpaper, and as she tries to figure what it is, she discovered something peculiar about it. The longer she observes the more illusions on the wall she had in her mind. She thought that the wallpaper is moving because there are some women crawling behind it. Day by day, her fancies got out of control and just before the due date of returning the house, she thought she was one of the women creeping inside the wallpaper. Now she doesn・t want to go back to her old house but to stay here in the room she mostly hated in the beginning.
Because she lived in the room alone, and many social activities were restricted, she thought it was like that she was to be put in a prison, and she hated that. So in the end of the story, she told John, her husband, :I・ve got out at last in spite of you and Jennie, and I・ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back :, meaning she will never go back and live like that again. It seems that she went insane, thinking she was the woman inside the wall, and the wallpaper is like John and Jenny who kind of lock her in the room. When she has torn out the wallpaper, and crawling out in the room, it is as if she had finally got freedom.
The room in which the women lived in is described as very ugly and boring. She finds the yellow wallpaper all around it especially horrible. It had some kind of an strange pattern which to normal people it is mere some kind of decoration on the paper, but to the narrator, having been looking at it for ever so long that they turned out to be some shape of the women crawling inside.

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