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First of all, I want to talk about the author. From the introduction of the author, we know that she suffered a kind of spiritual disease (nervous breakdown). However, she escaped away from the doctor・s treatment and away from her husband. Because of the kind of treatment may let her felt more afraid.
And this may be one of the reasons that she wanted to write this short story. And that・s why she created a female narrator in this story. Next, I try to explain something in this short story, though it may be wrong or totally different from others・ opinion.
In the very beginning, the narrator mentioned that all summer they closed all the halls in the house. It let us think: What kind of strange situation that they had to close all their windows. And the narrator said that she had found some queer about the house, that make us feel more strange about this story.
And then the narrator said that she lived in a nursery. Next she mentioned about the treatment, obviously, she did not like it. So that finally she disobeyed her husband・s treatment.
Next, we find that the narrator said there was a woman creeping behind the wallpaper, but did there really a woman creep behind that? I・ll discuss this later. And why she said that? Is there any reason for this?
And, all the connection in this article let us have a kind of terrible atmosphere.
In terms of husband and wife, we can guess that before the wife was sick, they must love each other very much. For that the narrator said that John (her husband) hated to see her sick. And when the wife know that her husband moved to the old house, and did not let her work or isolated her, she still ordered that all her husband arranged for her. Though she did not like that at all.
However, in the terms of a physician and a patient, we can find some interesting clues. 1st,being a :high standing; physician, he must show his power to his patient, so John will ask his wife to avoid doing anything he thought that there would be harmful to his :patient.; Of course, he also hoped his patient could recover as fast as possible.
2ed, as a patient, the narrator must hope she could recover as fast as she could. However, it seemed that she could not endure that kind of treatment. Even a normal person can not stand isolation and total rest ---do nothing, how could a hysterical patient endure that?
The patient like the narrator does not need isolation or rest, on the contrary, they need someone to keep company with them. For they need to be taken good care and they need somebody to talk to them. And they do not need totally rest that does not mean that they don・t rest. A hysterical patient also needs some simple activities to release their tension. Or if they restrict it too much, the end may be sadder.
3ed,including all above, due to the husband and the physician, had too many orders ---or we can say limits---upon the wife, also the patient, would let her had a kind of unknown afraid about the treatment.
4th,in the very ending, the wife creeped over her husband, it・s a kind of symbol to the FEMALISM.
After reading this story for 6 times (I am not kidding), I find I really love it. This is a story about the nervous breakdown patient・s inner world. (P.S.: This part may be a little mess, forgive me.)
If the husband, also the physician, didn・t use that kind of treatment: If he told somebody to keep company with his wife, if he would like to change the wallpaper when his wife found that she dislike that. If he did let her walk outside to get close to the people instead of stayed in the room, the narrator may not just look the wallpaper all day and said there was something behind there.
Next, I want to talk about something symbolic. Why would the narrator feel there was a woman creeping behind the yellow wallpaper? That・s the right reflection of her. When she stayed in the room, which had only one window, she would scare, and she would want escape away from the place she stayed. So that when the yellow wallpaper changed with the sunlight or moonlight, she would think there was something---we should say a woman---behind there.
Actually, when she started to have the idea of real the wallpaper down, she also wanted to escape away the place his husband had been ready for her at the same time. And the woman behind the yellow wallpaper was just the narrator・s crazy imagination.
The woman creep behind the wallpaper seemed to find some way out, also the same as the narrator, she also tried to find some methods to escape the place she lived. The woman behind the wallpaper went out to live, and the narrator wanted to escape away from her husband・s treatment.
All in all, the narrator, put what all she thought, or we can say shat her imagination, on the yellow wallpaper. Actually, as we all know, there really is nothing behind the wallpaper. There was no space between the wall and the wallpaper. If it really moved, it maybe the wind or the light.
In fact, this article also reflects everyone・s inner world. When you are restricted or limited, all of us will do our best to find some way out to set ourselves free. Please remember, we normal people will do this to protect ourselves, if he or she has spiritual disease? How can he or she not to do this?
However, the writer herself did not have very serious conditions, so that she could write down a story about herself and her treatment.
I really really have much to say, but I really tired of typing, so I will stop here.

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