Subject The Yellow Wallpaper-continue
Posted by Sherry
Posted on Wed Oct 21 12:47:24 1998
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Dear Ray and classmates,I'm deeply sorry that I had to make you read another discussion,which is the continuation of my previous discussion,since I had little problems...If you have any complaints,welcome to e-mail to my mailbox.
And as I was talking about a question I had:If she(the protagonist) indeed suffered from paranoid,then how come she only had creepy imaginations toward the yellow wallpaper and not the rest of the objects around the room? We can see that this is our focus in the story.
The protagonist described the wallpaper as hideous,perplex,revolting,...almost using every possible negative word we can think of.Of course it is just a wallpaper from its outline,but I feel that the protagonist wanted to suggest something out of the wallpaper.You see,she considered it as a dominantly man't world.How does it sound?And why would I think of that?Because she mentioned that a woman was skulking inside,perhaps everywhere,however the woman cannot be seen by anyone else except for the protagonist.And why is that?I think that the protagonist is looking at the portrait of herself,the spirit which she desperately wants to free.She is gaining a sense of wanting to get rid of the men's power and control,and she notice that she is trying to find her own way,without being opposed.We can see that whenever the protagonist complains,her husband never really listened to her,he kept on explaining everything on his own term,feeling that the wife's complaint is mere nonsense.
Now we'll have to talk something about her husband.He's physician,and that always meant,even in today's society,that he's the smart,the brilliant,the right,the powerful,the knowledgeble,in other word,the "man",therefore no one is supposed to reject his ideas,since he's always the best.This portrait of John is a symbol of man who wants to take control over women,they deprive of women's feelings,thoughts,themselves!And as we typically think that men are the rational animals in the world,we can see that John doesn't believe in supersticious things(in this case,things that can't be seen,touched,sense...),and wouldn't it be that this is the portrait of men in general(of the protagonist age ,especially)?We can also see that John is always hugging the protagonist,however I don't really feel that he did love her;instead,I think that he hugged her because he felt that his wife is vulnerable,and immensely helpless(which is a point of view of men toward women,generally),it's out of pity that he felt like protecting her,not really that he cared about her,otherwise,he would have listened to her inner voice,right?
Well,this is the main character that I wanted to discuss,altough I do want to talk about our protagonist...Anyway,thank you for reading .

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