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After reading the points made by Brian and Angela on the other board, I also have something to say about the decoration of postmodern architecture.

I agree with Brian that some decorations are not practical in the sense that they (e.g. mirror wall) are not safe. But I also agree with Angela that decoration itself serves a kind of function, and an important one: that is, it helps build up an atmosphere, or to use a more professional term, it is a major element in constructing the space of the architecture.

Don't we need decoration in our room to make it "ours"?

If decoration help construct the abstract space and atmosphere, it also contribute to the messages/ideologies that some architecture wants to convey. For instance,
Brian does not need to like the ideologies tries to instill in us Here is a link to ,
but maybe we need to interprete the lions together with the interior decorations.

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