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The narrator seems to describe himself as a national hero or a legendary figure in his country. His birth seems
to show his extraordinariness. This resembles some similarities to the births of heros and pestiges. The hero's
birth must be different from people in common. Even the president came to his birthday and pamper him.
That's fun! Also, he has a talent and special gift, for example, he can read people's minds. This increases some
interests in his life, but is it really good for a person who can know everything from others' minds?? That would be
a burden!
Also, I find out that the narrator, without Padma beside him, becomes uncomfortable and cannot decide if what he
write is good. For me, this somehow shows that intimate and delicate relationship between the narrator and
Padma, or rather, that between the author and the reader. An author must be given confidence and affirmation by
the reader(s). For the narrator who is writing in an alternative way, different from the traditional linear narration, he
would feel uncertain for this kind of creation. Padma's words can make him stronger and more confident.
Well, that's all. I will continue finding something interesting to share with you!

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