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The word "simulation" stimulates us to think about the relationship between the "real" and its "copy." The simulacrum has been repressed all the time because it threatens the stable existence of the uniqueness, and also demythicize the aura of the original. Moreover, it challenges the dichotomy of "model" and "copy", "original" and "reproduction" -- these relations reveal the interrogate of postmodern theories of representation. The writing of Jean Baudrillard, the famous work Simulacres et Simulation, placed the issue at the center of social debate. Baudrillard's theories of simulation derive from many political and philosophical currents that affecting much much more field as never before. "The real is no longer possible," Baudrillard claims. If we agree that the real has indeed been "lost," then we need to decide how to react to this "fact." The notion of the "disappearance of the real" may foreground the element of nostalgia since the "image" reinforced the form of commodity in late capitalist society. If "reality disappears, only simulations remain," the "reality" can only took place in a form of televisual virtual reality?

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