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Fashion and Commodity
In Barthes's Mythologies, he goes even above Saussure's structural linguistics which indicates the sound relationship between the signifier and signified constitutes the "sign." Barthes agreed with Saussure that the idea that "sign" as 'the associative total' as he himself use the term "signification." Myth and literature are alike, according to Barthes, in building on a previously established "semiological chain." It is true that the myths upon which the system of fashion and commodity is build, and which it helps build, depend upon the construction which sustain the narrative developments of capitalism. Through that construction, the fashion objects is a sort of reification of what people once were, or merely a simulation of what people imagined themselves to be? To analyze the social logic of fashion, we get to have an awareness that the commodity form of value dominates social exchange. The commodity, however, with the separation of the spheres of production and consumption, the exchange of commodities in capitalism is mediated through the "market" and only takes place on the basis of exchange value. The exchange value is a kind of simulation of the necessary labour time with the economic "unity" of division of labour.

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