Subject outline of "What is an author"
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Posted on Mon Mar 6 11:43:15 2000
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Michel Foucault's "What is an Author"

I. the relationship between text and author and the manner
in which the text points to this author that is outside
and antecedes
A. Two major themes of the immanent rules of writing
1. writing only refers to itself
2. writing's relationship with death
B. two notions which still preserves the privilege of
the author and suppresses the real meanings of the
author's disppearance
1. the task kof critism
2. the notion of writing(ecriture)

II. What is the name of the author? How does it function?
A. The name of the author
B. "author-function"
1. a means of classification
2. forming different relationships among texts
3. characterizing a certain existence of discourse

III. four different characteristics of "author-function"
A. objects of appropriation
B. non-universality and changibility
C. involvement in a series of specific and complex
D. plural selves

IV. author's position
A. authors--initiators of discourses
B. "return to the origin"
1. constitutes the task of transforming the discourse
2. reinforces the link between the author and his

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