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Posted by Jana
Posted on Wed Dec 23 07:16:41 1998
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The movie "The Truman Show" is kind like"紅白勝利"中的"勝利計畫" or other TV programs, for
they all create real life-like situations on the screen. Ironically the audiences are fond of watching such
"real-life" stories, even though they doubt if they are genuine or counterfeit. Therefore, like
"the audiences" to the live TV show "Truman Show", we are the audiences to the movie "Truman Show"
who also laugh or cry with the characters. The same situation happens when we watch"勝利計畫,"
we are moved when the people in need tell their sad experiences. Such programs are more and more
prevailing, for people like to watch them and then the TV stations earn higher rates. However, we
gradually discover that we probably misreveal our sympathy, for some of them are exposed to be fake
by the newspapers. The TV stations already commodify these people. Just like Truman, he is nothing
but the property or a moneymaking machine of the OmniCam Corporation.
The mixture of reality and fiction is another feature in "The Truman Show." For example,
Truman's wife Meryl always advertises products while she is using them. In another word, Truman's
life has been totally commodified. Here is another example, when Truman's good friend swears that
he will never betray Truman, we see a man plays the touching background music in the studio which
shows the fictional element of the TV show. However, the man who dubs to the background music
to the TV show is actually a professional musician inthe real world--his name is Philip Glass,
a 極微主義音樂家. Therefore, this scene suggests that both the TV show and the movie are counterfeit.
Moreover, if we see the movie as a metafiction, the director Christof is like the author. He creates
a myth on the air for thirty years, which begins to collapse after Truman's self-consciousness awakes.
Unlike what he does to Sylvia and Truman's father, Christof loses his god-like power toward Truman
and his audiences at last. Though he creates fierce waves and storms to prevent Truman's from escape,
he fails to keep Truman. The myth no longer exists when Truman steps out of the studio. At the same
time, the audiences of the TV show have the ability to turn off the TV, for there's nothing attractive to them.
It seems that the movie has a happy ending; however, but I'm worried about what difficulties Truman
will face afterwards. He has nothing because what he owns in Seahaven belongs to the studio. In
addition, he is nobody since his identity given by the company. Therefore, how can Truman live in the
reality since he is a fictional character created by the TV station?

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