Subject How to read John Barth (from Buck)
Posted by Kate
Posted on Wed Mar 29 10:45:12 2000
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As for John Barth's "Lost in the Funhouse" and "life story,"

he tries to change the conventional narratorial in the work of fiction. The ilogical or non-linear plot within the story

does challenge the readers' comptences and patience.

Readers would feel anxious about the disorder and uncertainity within the story. Meanwhile, the desperate longing

for the so-called "ending" of the story also makes readers upset or even confused about the multivoiced expression

or hypertextaulity.

Therefoer, I think about one question: "if readers (like us) begin to read this postmodern texts in non-organized

way, (just like temporarly catch one short pargraph and read it, and then read another one from the end of the

story...), does this way of reading affect or change the significant meaning which John Barth wants to state at first?

 Re: How to read John Barth Kate Wed Mar 29 11:12:37 2000
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