Subject outline of Slaughterhouse Five
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Posted on Mon Apr 17 01:59:47 2000
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Slsughterhouse Five As A Historical Metaficition
A.The alignment of fantasy and reality
- portrayed side by side, as if both are equally fantasic and equally real(Tralfarmadore and Dresden).
.Special qualities mentioned by John Barth about this novel:
a.on the reader: it reminds the reader of "the fictitious aspect of our own existence."
b.within the writer: the writer's response to the "felt ultimacies of our time."

B. Its self - referential dimension
- rejecting conventions of -
a. realism
b. traditional narrative forms
c. principles of unity and transparent representational language in preference for techniques of alienation, obstrusive intertextual reference, multiple viewpoints(Currie, 6)

C. How does Vonnegut do?
a. Tralfamadorian novel and historical metafiction
.Trafamadorian conception of time
b. Foucault's view of history

D. The effect of the sense of Tralfarmadorian history
. traditional novel - the most artful and sophisticated expression of narrative control.
. the self-conscious novel has the power to explore not only the conditions of its own production, but the implication of narrtive explanation and historical reconstruction.

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