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A comparison between the fiction and the film in postmodern viewpoints

1. The Jumps of Positions: What is Slaughterhouse-Five? Who is Billy Pilgrim? & Who is the author?

The complexity of the novel:
Slaughterhouse-Five: a historical novel, an anti-war fiction, a science fiction, a meta-fiction, etc. (Or nothing but the reflection of the author's stream of consciousness.)

The swifts of identities of Billy Pilgrim: an innocent American solider, a professional optometrist, a loyal member of Lion Club, a dear husband to Valencia, a father to Barbara & Robert, a master to Spot, a living specimen to Tralfamadorians, a gentle roommate to Montana Wildhack, etc.

Fiction: Kurt Vonnegut/ Film: Billy Pilgrim (the double figure?)

Expect in the first and the last chapters of the fiction; the author also appears in the latrine while Billy witnesses him excretes.

"There they go, there they go." He meant his brains.
That was I. That was me. That was the author of this book. (125)

Here in the novel, Vonnegut foregrounds his own existence in the life of Billy Pilgrim and the fact that they were together in the war in Dresden.

2. The Chaos of Time Sequence (Reconstruction of Time and Morality)

3. The Beginning and the End of the Fiction and the Film
Fiction: "Poo-tee-weet", the bird's talking in the end of the first chapter and the final chapter
Film: The firework is set as the happy ending after the birth of the baby who is also named Billy.

4. Conclusion

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