Subject What a strange Blue Velvet
Posted by AllyChang
Posted on Thu Jun 15 01:06:03 2000
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"It is a strange world, isn't it?"

Through the idea of dualism, I want to talk about the opposition of female images in this film. About the representation of women, I am very uncomfortable to see David Lynch presents two stereotyped female characters from a misogyny's view, they are Sandy, an angel, Dorothy, a whore.

Sandy belongs to the brightness and Dorothy to the darkness. Sandy is an educated blond hair lovely young girl, but Dorothy is a singer and prostitute figure that can not be identified, a name only. After Jeffrey invades in their life, and he also becomes the mediate between two types of world. This world becomes stranger and stranger for Sandy the same as to Dorothy.

If Sandy's world represents the good old day, can we say Dorothy's world leads the world into a chaotic circumstance? If so, does this film try to subvert the image of "good old days" no longer exists, and people should not ignore the seamy side of this world? But is it really the seamy side? At the end of this film, I think David Lynch does not plan to give me a clue to answer my own questions, even though I am not negative with my answers.

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