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Buck Lee
Dr. Kate Liu and Dr. Wen-chi Lin
Fragments of Identities in North American Postmodern Fiction and Film
Cristina Degli-Esposti outlines some major characteristics of postmodernism, discusses some films, which are not included in her essays, and presents the "neo baroque style" in postmodern cinema. Then in the second part of this essay, Cristina provides a brief introduction to each section and topic in this collection of papers.
At first, she presents the debate on defining the term ¡§postmodernism.¡¨ From historical point of view to aesthetic point of view, the concept of postmodernity firstly is used in Aronld Toybee¡¦s A Study of History in 1939. In 1942, Federico de Onis¡¦s word postmodernismo was applied in Dydley Fitts¡¦s translation. To sum up, the term ¡§postmodernism¡¨ is usually defined and questioned its significance and use in 1960s
Then Cristina mentions features of postmodernism appear in postmodern texts. She thinks that, ¡§Postmodern texts are concerned wit the very act o telling / showing stories and remembering told/shown stories¡¨ (4). In the postmodern texts, we would see some innovations of parody and pastiche: self-reflexivity, intertextuality, bricolage, multiplicity, and simulation. At the same time, the postmodern texts stretch out its perspective of a new relationship between the spectators and the objects of the gaze (5). In addition, the retrospect of the past into the present is the recurrent theme in the postmodern text through utilization of memory, and the intertextuality.
For the characteristic of the intertextuality, the postmodern texts base their existence on repetition with a difference, recycling the past via the rereading of the story and the meaning. This type of the postmodern texts consists of typical features of intertextual and hypertextual travel.
To sum up, the multiplicity of the representation of the postmodern texts are essential to the postmodernity. This essay provides the readers a multiple but overall preview of postmodern texts: (cinematic texts / literary texts).

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