Subject geographical discontinuity
Posted by JessieChu
Posted on Tue May 16 09:09:33 2000
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From the hot discussion during the class time, I would like to put emphasis on the geographical discontinuity in
Blade Runner. I remember the time is 2016 in Blade Runner. However, the city scenes of Los Angels in 2016 are
more fragmented according to ethinic distinction. It is obvious that the areas of Chinese or Japanese inhabitanats
are dirty, messy and disordered. Most of them are venders, even wear the ancient clothes. Adding to the apparent
opposition between the ad of Coca Cola and the ad of Japanese geisha, the stereotypical image of the Orient still
occupy the periphery of the city. Contrast to the geographical marginalized space, China Town, Dr. Taylor possesses
the most highest and the most splender scene from his high inhabitation. I am wondering why in the high-tech
post-modern city, the social hierarchy and ethinic hierarchy are portrayed vividly in this film. Do the West or the
white still has to rely on racial "other" to define their ethnic identity as the superior?

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