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Posted by Sara
Posted on Thu Apr 27 00:39:53 2000
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While I am reading "Disappearing Moon Cafe"(DMC) before today's class meeting, I keep wondering that why Kate will choose this novel as our focus. Since "DMC" deals with the reconstruction of a history of a Chinese emmigrant family, I couldn't help placing the novel under the context of Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadian Literature. The representation of "the Chinese" or "Chineseness" in such kind of novel is interesting. For example, the Chinese women are always in misery: if one has read Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club," then one might feel that Fong Mei in DMC may have had better treatment than any women in "The Joy Luck Club." From the misery of Chinese women we can see that the offspring is important to the Chinese family and also to the Chinese women since that's the only way for them to get their own identity in the family. Yet those miserable women live in, take DMC as an example, time that have been 50 years ago or more. It can be sure that the Chinese-Canadian women nowadays are different from their ancestors, but it seems that the past history, the old concept will be always their inevitable "heritage," something that they have no way to get rid of. This unavoidable heritage is not only for the women presented in the novel, but it is also for "the Chinese," or "the Chinese image under the Western Eye." There must be some people who take these Chinese images as reality ,and then they reason "the Chinese" and "the Chineseness" according to their impression from the books such as DMC or "The Joy Luck Club." I know that we are not taking the course of "Chinese-Canadian Literature," but I just want to say what I think about the novel at the first impression.

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