Subject Qs for ending of Blade Runner
Posted by bucklee
Posted on Tue May 9 08:21:02 2000
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I think the concept of Blade Runner cleary demonstrates the transforamtion / meatmorphosis from
the human body to Robot Nexus 6 or 7. This process of the transforamtion does come along with the
process of the de-humanization or degration of the human being.

Searhing for the so-called immortality is another issue raised in this movie, but why does the director
or the author use the machine / Rorbot as the medium to express his own idea?

By the way, what and how do you think about the endinf of this movie?
Is it too dramatic to understand? Or Is it reasonable to explain the uncertainty or propobilities in life?

 Re: further discussion bucklee Wed May 10 13:39:18 2000
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