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Posted by AllyChang
Posted on Wed May 24 00:18:06 2000
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1. What is Videodrome?
Videodrome is the capitalists exercise ideological violence through mess media.
2. What do you think of the idea about disease/tumor from Prof. Brian O'Blivion? What is the function of Cathode Ray Mission from your viewpoints?
3. How do you think of Max's suicide scene? Do you think Max is dead? Why or why not?
a. He commits suicide because he is from videodrome. Since he has already been reprogrammed to be against videodrome, Max of course needs to kill himself.
b. The combination of the vision/hallucination and the reality: the boundary is blurred up by double framing: the TV within the TV--According to Prof. O'Blivion, "there is nothing real outside our perception of reality."
c. Max is making his own show. "Did you ever think of producing your own show?"--for us.
d. Hope: Total transformation--"Renaissance": death = rebirth. "To become a new flesh you first have to kill the old flesh."
4. (From Dr. Lin's questions in last week) What David Cronenberg's attitude toward technology in this film? What's Cronenberg's attitude and idea about flesh

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