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1. The representation of woman's image: Women are the ones to be abused.
2. The territory of multiple language
a. the voices of TV shows in the background
b. the exotic restaurant
c. Harlan's accent.
3. False ethnic representation of stereotype
a. soft pornography caste, produced and sold by Japanese
b. Asia: Videodrome locates in from Malaysia to Pittsburgh
4. Communication
a. No communication: no longer important
b. People use media/vision to exchange messages.
(1) Convex pre-records his words for Max.
(2) Max's secretary records and transmits her messages for him.
5. Memory vs. Records: People no longer trust their memory, and they preserve their memory by recording their images.
a. Max wants to take pictures of dead Masha on his bed
b. Prof. O'Blivion--recording his monologues into hundreds videotapes and replaying them, so he is of course not afraid to let his body die. "TV is reality, and reality is less than TV."
6. Shift of Time: Prof. O'Blivion is already dead on Rena King's Show.
7. Mergence of Real and hallucination/fantasy
a. Max hits his secretary.
b. Prof. O'Blivion speaks to Max from TV.
c. Max commits suicide scene.
8. The influence of media as a sick phenomenon: TV is the center of people's daily life--Max opens his TV all day and sets it up to be his wake-up call as an alarming clock. "Civic TV, the one you take with you to bed." The slogan of Civic TV.

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