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Disavowal for Confirming Identity

In our earlier classes, we once talked about the relation between postmodernism and philosophy, especially in terms about being. In this regard, I want to respond to Jessie's idea about how memory constructs identity. Rephrasing Jessie's question, I also want to ask a question: how much a subject wants to believe what it sees?

Jessie has already offered very good examples of Rachael and the photographer in Calendar. For me, two characters apparently should have realized their situation and recognize their identity, but they refuse to admit that they've acknowledged. I would like to say that through the function of vision, refering to Jessie's last statement in her conclusion, two characters disavow their history.

As for Rachael, she keeps confirming her history and the authenticity of photos, as if through her confirmation with Deckard, these photos will be true, so her history will be true, too. Actually, she affirms her as a replicant by denying that she is not a replicant.

As for the photographer, he affirms his anxiety of being an Armanian by denying his ex-wife's invitation to go within the frame of camera when they were Armania. He seemingly tries to deny his identity but actually affirms it while denying it.

Rachael denies her fake history by affirming the presence of her image in pictures; photographer denies his Armanian complex by affirming his absence of his image in pictures.
Therefore, through their disavowal, for me, Rachael affirms her fake history; photographer affirms his Armanian identity.

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