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Posted by bucklee
Posted on Wed May 10 13:39:18 2000
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In Reply to Qs for ending of Blade Runner

The Recplaints in the Balde Runner, through the so-called metamorphosis, might consist of two characteristics which is close or distant to the human being / producer. The metamorphosis of the human body to Robot could be a kind of continuity to the orignal which inherits the part of the father; at the same time the consequence of this transformation or metamorphosis might end in the dis-continuity which is alienated or excluded its the relation bewteen the human body and the Replicants.

Furthermore, if we take the postmodern perspective to examine or to analyze my view point, it might be a little bit
contradictory. Somehow, the term or the characteristics of the discontinuity might include and consist a part of link with the irresistable past or the origanl. Therefore, even though the replicants could or would have their own organism or idenity with others( or you might say that they are independent and alienated from human being),
there is seemingly still one thing which can not be reducible-- fragmental memory or dis/continuity to the past/
the author/ original.

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