Subject When Fox Is A Thousand
Posted by Vivian
Posted on Wed May 17 07:51:50 2000
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Cyborg Identity of Women in When Fox Is A Thousand

Thesis: In When Fox Is A Thousand, the identities of women, Artemis, Dianne, and Mercy, mafiest the characteristics of Cyborg identity--a hybrid, fragments, simulacra, and irony.

I. Hybrid
A. machine/ organism
1. photography
2. steel-made dress
B. social reality/ fiction
C. animal/ human
1. immigration
2. hunter
3. breath
4. drinking blood
5. interests in human body
6. transformation
D. men/ women
E. heterosexuality/ homosexuality
F. East/ West
II. Fractured identities
A. fragmented bodies
1. collections of the parts of human bodies
2. the lost arm of Eden's father]
3. fox's transfomation
B. fragmented images of selves
C. fragmented memories
III. Simulacra
A. copies of bodies
B. copies of history]
C. absence of originals
IV. Irony
A. Greek mythology
1. Artemis--the virgin huntress
2. Leda
3. Ulysses--the Fox
B. Biblical myth--the Garden of Eden
C. the story of empress Wu-tse Tien
D. The story of the Little Riding Hood
V. Conclusion

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