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Posted by JessieChu
Posted on Thu May 18 08:49:49 2000
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Talking of the significance of stealing in When Fox is a Thousand, I think there are three levels of meanings from my current reading. The first one is the fox's stealing, either people's clothes, chickens, or human bodies. The second stealing is about Artemis in contemporary Canada that is similar to the fox's behavior in ancient China. The third level is on writing. The authors steal materials form other works; to put in an academic term, it is intertextuality. In terms of "When Fox Is A Thousand," Larrissa Lai steals/ intertextualizes the Greek mythology of Leda, Artemis, the biblical allusions of Adam, Garden of Eden, and Chinese classical texts, N. From another perspective, Larrisa Lai's intertextualizatin/ stealing is her way to construct the collective identity or her subejectivity. As Andrienne Rich mentioned, revision/ rewriting is an action for survival. In this way, I think Larrisa Lai, in this work, attempts to broaden another space or to open another articulation for Chinese Canadian and Chinese Canadian lesbian/ gay.

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