Subject The story of Videodrome
Posted by AllyChang
Posted on Tue May 23 01:34:32 2000
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Max is a TV station's president. Watching TV and living with TV become the center of his business life and personal/private life. One of his assignments is to find some programs are tougher and more stimulating pornography for expanding his business of Civic TV--channel 83. The pornography of videodrome he found from Harlan, one of his employees, is very appealing to him for business interest as well as for personal reason. On the way keeping searching for more videodrome, Max finally found out that he has been used by Harlan and Barry Convex, the chief of the Spectacular Optical, for their capital competition in media arena. After getting involved in videodrome, Max firstly has been manipulated by Convex to kill his partners successfully and Prof. Brian O'Blivion's daughter Bianca, who somehow saves her own life by revealing Max's situation been set up by Convex through showing him Nicki Brand's death scene in videodrome. At the end of this film, Max commits suicide for a total transformation, surprisingly with Nicki help.

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