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The poems that we read this time are all have relationship with air. I get more feeling on Anecdote of the Jar, so I choose this poem to write my journal.
When I red this poem for the first time, I found this poem is a little like able story and the writer seems to imagine the jar as a person. Because in the first and the second stanza, he writes the jar makes the slovenly wilderness surround that hill and the wilderness rose up to it and sprawled around. From these sentences we can think that ˇ§jarˇ¨ maybe is a very well known person and everyone, the wilderness seems admire him. But if we keep reading, we find the writerˇ¦s attitude toward jar changed at the third stanza. Because the writer said the jar is gray and bare, and it did not give of bird or bush. We know ˇ§grayˇ¨ is the color of ashes and if we describe a situation as gray, we mean that it is dull, and unpleasant. And ˇ§bareˇ¨ means naked, bald, and nothing. So the writer uses the words gray and bare here I think he wants to tell us actually this jar is nothing. It is nothing but a dull, and unpleasant thing without contents and just like nothing in Tennessee. Because besides a lot of woods, there seems nothing in Tennessee.
Besides the meaning of the poem, I have noticed that the writer used many words which are have the vowel ˇ§auˇ¨. For example, round, surround, around, and ground. I think thatˇ¦s because the writer imagines this jar is a round objects. So he uses many words with the vowel ˇ§auˇ¨ to mean it is round. And I think round has the meaning of complete, perfect and good, so the writers uses it to mean that the jar is good, especially I find these words only appeal in the first and the second stanza. Like what I have mentioned, in the first and the second stanza the writer seems to give us an idea that this jar is being honored and it is good. So these words are suitable for what the writer wants to tell us in the first two stanzas.
Now I want to discuss the jar itself. I think that in this poem jar must have some other meaning. I think it is the symbol of art. So if we rethink the meaning of the poem I think the theme of this poem is that the writer wants to tell us although arts seems very valuable, they are all man made and they are dead thing. What is really valuable is the sources or the person that made the art. The truly valuable is something that really alive. But I think art must still have its value.

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