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Posted by Lisa
Posted on Tue Dec 8 15:27:08 1998
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"The art of losing isn't hard to master",the beginning of this poem said it in an easy way...............
After reading this line, I begin to wonder and start to ask myself the same sentence in a question mark.
Is it true????Always???Or only to certain kind of people????I guess my answer would not be find,
but this poem really touched me, in some way, i admire the freedom the poet feel about the art of losing
, on the other hand, i want to be able to have the same feeling too!!!!

In this poem, the poet was trying to give us the idea that losing something isn't really a big deal, like it
meant no harm to him at all.....but is it really true???or is it just the way to hide his true feelings. Because
sometimes when you are really hurt by something or someone, you try to tell it off like it's nothing, even-
though it hurts like really think that the poet was actually in great pain...but he's trying to not
to show it in the poem...

THe poet keeps on saying the art of losing isn't hard to master, and by each stantz he pointed out biger
and biger things to loose, and the less he felt for losing it. I think that's something really hard to master.
you don't just loose something and think it's no big deal.....that's really least for me...

In the last stantz...lthe poet point out that he actually broke up with his girl friend....and that's the biggest
art for him to master.....i think the last stanz is really know..the way he put ( )in between the
sentence is like trying to tell people that he really don't mind it in a minding way...funny..... i truely like
this poem by Ray....i promise you i'll pay extra attention when you are discussing this poem.

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