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Posted by Dan
Posted on Tue Dec 8 22:54:57 1998
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After reading this poem, I think of it as a small article because there is no clear rhyme and each sentence is too long in this poem. I think that the poem has a meaning of telling us something very important. That is, even if we feel happy or sad about things we put high emphasis on, the whole world doesn't change or cry or laugh for us. It still goes on and watches people's life silently.
The speaker presented his own opinion at first in the first stanza and then he took the picture "Brueghel's Icarus" for instance to prove that his thought was in perspective. As he wrote, in this picture we could see a plowman, a delicate ship and lots of gooses swimming on the green water. However, I do not know what does he mean by writing that a boy falling out of the sky because I can't see anything in the sky except some clouds.
The speaker wrote this poem in a peaceful mind even when he wrote down the cruel fact. Although his statements described the true fact, I don't think that he wrote it in the most suitable way. He made us see the cruel world in a contrastive way like " How, when the aged are reverently, passionately waiting for the miraculous birth" and They never forgot that even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course." The first sentence presents a happy scene that they all wait for the great birth but the other presents a horrible scene that they see and even accept the dreadful martyrdom.
This kind of obvious contrast is life itself. My daily life is not great enough to make other's change and my own life is like many scenery presented constantly in the picture. So, I think the author must want to tell us to cherish our life and use time well. Or we will only be a terrible scene in the history.

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