Subject Anecdote of the Jar
Posted by Sheena Kao
Posted on Wed Dec 9 17:59:03 1998
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This poem talks about the relationship between art and nature, actually the way of deacription is pretty special. The jar was suggested the king of wilderness, everything changed because of it. I found that from " And round it was, upon a hill," " It made the slovenly wilderness," " Surround that hill." The place where a jar standed was high and noble. " The jar was round upon the ground, " "And tall and of a port in air. " It meant a jar played a reverent role in wilderness. A jar is the art and Tennessee is nature. Tennessee is a forest and wilderness, no delicacy, beauty and order, but the jar makes it different. So I know the power of art, it can connect things to each other, makes them in order. The wilderness no longer wild because of the jar.
" I place a jar in Tennessee," but who place the jar in Tennessee? I think everyone who creats art like an artist or poet nessee, not exactly mention to the author. On the other hand, we can compare to stanza two and three, the former stanza suggested the jar play a noble role in wilderness and the latter stanza " It did not give of bird or bush ," talked about the pity that a jar couldn't give birth and last forever like nature.
In this poem, I found that a jar was put on a high status, everything sprawled around and rose up to it. That maybe because there was only jar, just like the art was unique, unequal and extraordinary. If there were too much jars on the ground, I think no one will consider them as art but a big pollution. But I still can't understand why the author make the title as " Anecdote " of the Jar?

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