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Posted on Sun Dec 13 20:23:43 1998
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"The World Is Too Much With Us"
Afetr I read this poem , I think this is a poem which is
about the nature and the modern society . What is the relationship between the nature and the modern society ?
What is the attitude of the speaker in this poem ?
Well , I think that the speaker does not like the modern
society . We can feel it form these sentiences:
The world is too much with us ; late and soon ,
Getting and spending , we lay waste our powers ;
LIttle we see in Nature that is ours ;
We have given our hearts away , a sordid boon !
Long time , long time ago when there are no modern things
, the nature is the most familiar with us . But when people begin to develop the modern things , we also begin to forget the nature which was the most familiar slowly and slowly. The more serious thing is not only we begin to forget the nature , but also sometimes we begin to do something bad to the nature .So the speaker feels sad when he sees people begin to care about their own things and pay less attention to the nature .
Great God ! I'd rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
Here " A Pagan " means - a person who is brought up in an outdated religion . I think the speaker may be like to go back to the time when people were familiar with the nature more . So he says that . And he begin to imagine the nature life , and it is so happy and so comfortable :
So might I standing on this pleasure lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn ;
Have sigh of P roteus rising from the sea ;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathedhorn .
There is another thing , we can find the poem is a "Petrarchan sonnet ".It is like these:
soon a
powers b
ours b
boon a
moon a
hours b
flowers b
tune a
be c
outworn d
lea c
forlorn d
sea c
horn d

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