Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Nicola
Posted on Sun Dec 13 21:48:48 1998
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The title of the poem describes how the spider makes its webs. It makes it in a little corner where you would hardly notice it and it does it in a "noiseless" way, which it why most of the times we see a cobweb it is already, a completed one. Also, because the web is so fragile that it is easily destroyed, however, the spider is a "patient" spider that it would start making a new one again. These two traits of a spider are quite common to us. Compared to the poem", I'm nobody, who are you", the spider is like the "nobody", it does its job in a quiet way, unlike the "somebody", it doesn't want to make public known what it is doing.
Then, the second stanza talks about the speaker's soul. In some ways his soul is like the spider. His soul does its work, such as thinking, seeking for his believe, exploring the world in a noiseless way; nobody could see what his soul, his mind is doing. Judging from the appearance, you would not see him much different from others. But inside him, his mind could be thinking about a far away place. Some people, like some politicians, say their names aloud to the public, wanting them to recognize him. But many people would not know the speaker's soul; likewise, the cobweb and the spider would not make any noises to assert themselves to the human. I think it is a kind of protection for the spiders, it can safely make its web that would not be constantly disturbed by human. I think that maybe the speaker is an artist or poet, his soul is thinking deeply inside him, and he is trying to find a way to express his thoughts to us through some artistic forms. Both the spiders and the soul are surrounded in a massive space. I think that for the spider, because it is a very small thing, the surroundings to it would seem very big. For the soul, it needs a great space, which enables him to think wildly, unlimitedly to find it's own faith. Also, the world is a big place for it to find his true self. The spider's cobweb is an amazing type of art; it is never the same every time the spider makes them. The speaker is working quietly on a piece of art, too, with which it will connect his mind and the others together.
This poem is a free verse; the line keeps getting longer then shorter again. From the outlook of it, it is like the shape of a cobweb. In the first stanza, there are many alliterations and repetition of words, which describes the continuous movement of the spider when making the cobweb. There are too many alliterations in the second stanza, I guess it suggests that the speakers soul is thinking forth and back, continuously.

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