Subject Oh my Titanic again--THE TWIN
Posted by watson
Posted on Mon Dec 14 04:59:20 1998
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The Convergence of the Twain

  The :Twain; in this poem meant the ship .Titanic・ and the iceberg which the ship stroke at. From the first to the forth stanzas of this poem described the figure or the appearance of the ship .Titanic・. At the first stanza, it said that the ship was now laying under the sea, but it was somewhat talked about the human who had been in the ship were very conceited and proud. The second stanza created a harmonic picture of a very tough and tensile ship which made of steel were travelling very smoothly and elegantly in the very cold and chilly icy sea water. This sharp picture surely could show how grand of the .Titanic・ and the powerful image of a never sinking vessel. Then it described the .content・ or the internal sight of this slowly travelling huge ship. This ship had not only full of beauty and luxury, but also the coldness and the strange relationship between the passengers. And the forth stanza again emphasized that all the apparently deluxe and splendid had made the people blind to see anything but the vainglory.

  The funniest part of the whole poem I thought of the fifth stanza because there were some depicts of the imaginative fishes which swam nearby the ship and they were all astonished by this huge steel :vaingloriousness;. The :gilded; thing of the ship showed he pride and exorbitant splendor of the ship and its passenger. The sixth and the seventh stanzas were the time of the appear in stage of the predestined :sinister mate;, iceberg,.

  It was metaphor of the description an marriage from the eighth stanza to the ending eleventh stanza. The words showed that the ship .finally・ stroke at the iceberg. This :august event; seemed to be determined by the fate. This impact might said to be an ultimate combination of this couple just like a man and a woman.

  The stanzaic patterns or the form of this poem were tercet. This supported of the meaning of this poem might be that it was just like a news report or a record of the wreck of .Titanic・ All the stanzas were very regular and formal. It were also like a story telling with eleven chapters or sections. And each stanza of the poem were in end rhymed. This was to express that there might be some special topics or themes in each stanza of the poem. The lines in each stanza showed the same and a special topics which the speaker wanted to say in each. This could gave the reader a feeling of reading a story and to followed step by step of the speaker.

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