Subject The World is Too Much with Us
Posted by Dominic
Posted on Mon Dec 14 19:17:47 1998
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The World is Too Much with Us

My English teacher in high school has ever led us to read a poem of Wordsworth. She told us that most poems of this poet are romantic and about nature. I think this poem is also about nature, and : the world; refers to the nature. : The world is too much with us, late and soon.; I think the speaker blames the people who don・t appreciate Nature. Nature is there ready for us. We don・t even get close to it. Life is short. When we realize the beauty, it would be too late. In the second line, the blame is more direct. Common people just focus on the daily business, which is kind of waste. Although : We have given our hearts away,; the gift is worthless. : Getting and spending; means we are just busy seeking profits and enjoying luxury all day long. The fifth and sixth lines are talking about beauty of natural phenomenon, which is living. ( I think if some one paint the image of the fifth line into picture that would be beautiful.) While people don・t think highly of them. Sleeping flowers mean dead flowers or fake flowers. In people・s eyes, the beauty of nature is like dead flowers. They don・t think Nature has vitality. Therefore the speaker is angry about this. He might think he could be near to Nature if he were a pagan and held strange ceremony. : So might I, standing on this pleasant lea.; The image of this line makes me feel the speaker is a priest standing lonely for his belief. His desire for Nature is so desperate that even only a glimpse or a sight can make him feel better. He wants to encourage us to get close to Nature. I think in the last two lines he points out the life of Nature through Proteus and Triton. I think he not only appreciates the beauty of Nature but also is touched by the vivid Nature. Therefore he describes Nature by moving objects.
The poem is an Italian sonnet. The rhyme scheme is ABBAABBA in the octave and CDCD in the sestet. In the octave the speaker set a problem and the sestet is his response. Why is the word too much? Actually to get in touch with Nature is easy for us but the problem is that we don・t. The tone is critical. Compare to Wordsworth・s world, I think our would is even : too much.; Modern people are even more indifferent than before.
I guess this journal is too short but I can・t squeeze more. So please forgive me. I have a question. I can・t figure out how the form of this poem support its content.

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