Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Johanna
Posted on Tue Dec 15 02:26:48 1998
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This time I choose ¡§A Noiseless Patient Spider¡¨ to writer my journal, because this is the one that I understand more.
The title of this poem is ¡§A Noiseless Patient Spider.¡¨ I think we¡¦ll think immediately when we saw the title that this poem is talking about a spider. But when I haven¡¦t started to read I am not sure of it. Because so far the poem that we have red I found some poem¡¦s title are hard for me to think if they have any relation. For example one of the poems that we read this time, The Convergence of the Twain, I read it for many times but I still can¡¦t understand why the title is called this.
The first line of this poem ¡§ a noiseless patient spider¡¨ pointed out the main character of this poem is the spider and it is very quiet. As we know the spider is very small, and we can¡¦t heard any sound of it. That¡¦s why the writer says it noiseless. And the following lines are describing this spider. I think the writer also wants to explain why the spider is noiseless and patient. The first sentence he says ¡§ I mark¡¦d where on a little promontory it stood isolated.¡¨ The last word ¡§isolated¡¨ gives us a lonely, quietness feeling. This is exactly like the writer says ¡§ noiseless spider.¡¨ Not only the word ¡§isolated¡¨ gives us this feeling, but also ¡§ the vacant vast surrounding.¡¨ In the next sentence shows us that the spider is in a big and isolated place and not only itself is noiseless but also the surroundings around him seems very quiet, too. Then the writer says ¡§It laugh¡¦d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself.¡¨ In the sentence he uses three filaments continuously and this gives us a feeling that this spider is doing his job right now and still continuous without stopping. And the sound ¡§f¡¨ also gives us a continuous feeling. Even the last word ¡§itself¡¨ is also end in ¡§f¡¨, so everything seems still going on. The last sentence of this stanza ¡§Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly, speeding them¡¨ shows explained the word ¡§patient.¡¨ The next two stanzas the writer¡¦s attitude toward the spider seems changed. He seems doesn¡¦t describe the spider, instead he seems describes his ¡§soul.¡¨ ¡¥I think he describe his soul as the spider. The spider seems become a symbol of the writer¡¦s soul. Because the writer ways in the first sentence that ¡§you O my soul where you stand¡¨ and the place that his soul stand is also a great and empty measureless place just as the place that the spider stand. So the following lines seems not only describing the spider but also his soul. Someone who is watching the spider seems also searching something for himself. That word that the writer uses could easily give us that knid of feeling. For example ¡§ surrounded, detached, ceaselessly, musing, venturing, throwing, seeking.¡¨ We know the ¡§ing¡¨ word has the meaning of continuing, so the writer uses it to let us feel he still keeps searching something and the spider still keeps doing his job.
Now I want to talk about the form of this poem. We find every stanza become are much short than the front stanza I think this means the spider is getting to finish his job now and the person also is approaching his goal.

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