Subject There is too much with us
Posted by Fay
Posted on Tue Dec 15 03:30:42 1998
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In my opinion, I think this poem is about modern world and nature. In this poem,modern world means "material world" and this poem also means that people who in modern world pay much attention to material things and neglect the nature.The world is surrounded by material things and people's heart is coverd by material things. So,"This sea that bares her bosom to the moon,The winds that will be howling at all hours,And are up-gatherednow like sleeping flower,"are described in order to arouse people's attention to nature.And the nature protest the neglect of people. Everything is out of tune(order).People are preoccupied with material things.So,it seems that there is too much with us in modern world because in modern world people don't notice the nature. Maybe it is because industrial world bring mateial world. People suck in material world and forget how wonderful the nature is . So, the writer would rather be" A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn".It means that "the previous world". In previous world, the industry is not so well-developing and not so important. So the world is not so material. The writer want to arouse people's attention to nature and remind people don't pay much attention to material world. You can enjoy the industrial world and appreciate the nature scenery at the same time. Then you can see how wonderfulthe nature is and how magic the nature is.Previos world also means that the nature is not polluted yet.The industrial world will bring the pollution of nature too.
This poem is a sonnet. Sonnet means that there are fourteen lines in a poem and the first eight lines (octave) are shown as a problem or a resolved situation and the last six lines (sestet) are a solvent. In this poem, the octave presents a problem about the losing of nature and the sestet try to tell people what they should do.The rhyme scheme is abbaabbc and cadada.(It seems like that the pattern is not like the pattern on line.) The rhyme scheme seems that it divided this poem into several parts.The first three lines (abb) are one part which talk about how people neglect the nature. The following four (aabb)lines are the other part which describe the nature's respondes. The final five lines (adada) are another part which tell people what they should do. I think the rhyme can make the poem easier (That is how I classify.) But it seems that my classification is not the same with the source on line. So, I wonder that is the form of sonnet always the octave(the first eight lines) and the sestet (the last six lines).And is the rhyme scheme always stable? The rhyme scheme of this poem is not the same with the form.

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