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Posted on Tue Dec 15 11:09:35 1998
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Grace Endless Filament
In fact, I think this poem described human being emotion about “love” The situation in this poem seemed like someone fell in love. You know, when we fell in love with some guy, our thought will just like the “noiseless patient spider”, keep launching filament. We’ll think about our love all day long and finally whole mind is hold by those feelings.
Just like a noiseless spider weaves and weaves until formed a perfect net. Maybe we should say that person whom we loved is the real one who weaves the net! We are all caught in such a “love net.”
“Filaments” -------I think I will consider them to be the thoughts of human brains. It’s a connotation, I guess. Because the filament is something will extend for a long, long distance and it is easy to lengthen. The thoughts of human brains also can extend far away, more than any kind of transportation. We can just imagine we are in space, or any other place we have never been to. The net is formed by crisscross filaments and our mind is also formed by our million different thoughts.
That’s the same place, right?
Ray, I must admit that when I read this poem, I had some very deep feelings raised from my heart. “Love” is really an unbelievable and miraculous thing! Love is something make human mad without caring anything. The most important thing in the whole world is your love. I do feel frightened about such a delicate emotion. No one could deny its magic power. I ‘m not sure that if one day I fell in love with someone, I still can own myself, without being controlling. That man will have the power to control my feeling, because the moment he feels down, I won’t keep a happy move. That sounds scaring……but I understand everyone has different way to love and everyone all think their love is the only real thing. Everyone’s love is the most special thing to themselves.
I like Walt Whitman’s poem, I think. ^_^ It look like its contents are very simple but just as we know, the most simple thing may always has the most important meaning. I think it does!
Sometimes we do like a noiseless patient spider, we may never speak out our love. But our thought still go on and on, without saying anything,
We still keep thinking.
Oh, our poetry exam is coming soon……..I really think that I need to pray…^_^ but I will try to do my best. At last, Ray, I really really thanks for your consideration. There was something wrong with me and I have pass the most difficult part now. Thanks a lot!^_^ I’ll try to catch up as soon as I can!

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