Subject A Noiseless Patient Spider
Posted by Dorothy
Posted on Tue Dec 15 11:16:18 1998
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I think that this poem is very different, because its form is not regular and it is unrhymed.
After reading this poem, we can find that it only has two stanzas, comparing the first and
the second stanza, we can know that there are many similarities between them.
In the first stanza, the speaker describes a noiseless patient spider, which stood isolated on a little
promontory. The first line is shorter than the folloeing lines, I think that is because the speaker says
that the spider is isolated and it locates in the vacant vast surrounding, in order to make the spider's
tiny conspicuous, the first line is shorter. When we think of a spider, we often use the word "determined"
to describes it, because it is always busy to make its net. No matter how many times it is interrupted,
it just keep on launching gossamer. It will not give up untill it complete its work. It is interesting that the
fourth line, the writer writes down three times " filament" after "It launch'd forth" and then after "filament "
"out of itself" is connected. After reading this this line, it seems that I can see a spider launching gossamer
in front of me.
The form of the second stanza is simslar to the first stanza.I think that the speaker may expect himself to be
like a spider. The spider is so determined, even if it itself is so tiny in the vacant vast surrounding
which is just like the speaker is in neasureless oceans of space. Before their goals are realized, both
they are doing the same thing: keep on trying. THe spider launch forth filament, and the speaker
ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing.....
The meaning of the last two lines is telling us never give up before we reach our goal. THe writer use
three sentences to present the same meaning. I think that he just wants to put emphasis on trying again
and again.

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