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Posted by Melody
Posted on Tue Dec 15 11:37:17 1998
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Melody's journal-----The Word Is Too Much with Us------
I am very happy because this is our final poem.Personally,I do like
to read poems,but sometimes it takes me a lot of time to think and write
down a journal.Anyway,I have learned a lot after your teaching.Thank you a lot.
The world is too much with us.Indeed,there are a lot of things we can
learn from the world.In modern life,people always bury themselves in
their work,seldom do they stop to experience how beautiful the world is.
Therefore,little they see in Nature that is theirs.Little by little,they even
lose their senses of beautiful things.
The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon
The winds that will be howling at all hours
The speaker personified the sea and the winds in order to show the anger and sadness of Nature.For a long time, people neglected the existence of Nature.At night,the sea bares her bosom to the moon as if
no one can understand her except the moon;therfore,she feels lonely and
sad.As for the winds,he is angry at people because people have lost their
orignal heart and lost themselves in wealth and fame.Therefore, the winds
howl angrily in order to wake people up and urge them to find themslves.
Nature should be beautiful like flowers which are in all bloom.On the
contrary,Nature looks like "sleeping flowers"(lifeless)now becaue people
don't pay attention to her.The word"pagan"may connotate that the speaker would rather back to old age than go to modern society.In this way,he can fully enjoy himself into Nature.To enter the nature world will make the speaker happier and less forlorn.Nature just like a mother will
never desert him and gives him comfort.
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn
These two lines can be compareed with the former two lines(This sea..
to the moon. The winds..howling at all hours.)These are two different conditons. One is happy and beautiful,the other is sad and angery.In the
speaker's eyes.Nature is beautiful.Instead of howling at all hours,the wind
was blowed by old Triton's wreathed horn.
I think that this poem is related to Nature.We human beings are also
a part of Nature.Sometimes we should spare our time to touch Nature,
we will learn a lot from the natural world.

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